Dear John- Nicholas Sparks

Dear John is a touching, memorable book that you cannot put down from start until finish. The narrarator John has fallen deeply in love in what was to be a summer romance with a girl named Savannah. The problem is that John is enlisted in the army and is only on leave for a short time before he must go back. After he goes back to war he returns back home to visit Savannah, he thinks he will be home for awhile, but little did he know 9/11 was soon to come. The story tests the willpower of long distance relationships and will have you questioning if John and Savannah will make it through until the end. Dear John as many of you may know, was also made into a movie as is many of Nicholas Sparks book's. The movie isnt compairable to the book and has a completley different plot line. While the story may be somewhat predictable and the characters are not very complex, the book is a quick, easy read that everyone should enjoy if they like Sparks previous novels or love stories. Can true love really transform you forever?


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