Dear John- Nicholas Sparks

Dear John is a touching, memorable book that you cannot put down from start until finish. The narrarator John has fallen deeply in love in what was to be a summer romance with a girl named Savannah. The problem is that John is enlisted in the army and is only on leave for a short time before he must go back. After he goes back to war he returns back home to visit Savannah, he thinks he will be home for awhile, but little did he know 9/11 was soon to come. The story tests the willpower of long distance relationships and will have you questioning if John and Savannah will make it through until the end. Dear John as many of you may know, was also made into a movie as is many of Nicholas Sparks book's. The movie isnt compairable to the book and has a completley different plot line. While the story may be somewhat predictable and the characters are not very complex, the book is a quick, easy read that everyone should enjoy if they like Sparks previous novels or love stories. Can true love really transform you forever?

Scene 6- The Glass Menagerie Essay

There isn't anything that has frightened me as much as when Laura was so frightened by Jim, but I have had some scary times in my life. One time I was at this really big swim meet about a month ago, and I was obsessed with getting this time standard so much and had worked all season for it, that it was all I focused on. In prelims I swam the event and only missed the cut by a second, and had a chance to swim it again in finals. Between the two sessions I motivated and mentally prepared myself to cut the second and get the time cut. Warmups went by and it was almost time to swim the race. I was so nervous right before the event, and it was all I could think about. After I swam, I realized that I went the exact same time in prelims as I did in finals, which ment that I had missed the cut. I felt like everything had happened so fast and like everything didnt just happen. I felt like I was going to pass out and ended up getting sick. I ended up dreading it so much and becoming so nervous, that I had psyched myself out. Everything happened so fast and I felt like it didnt even happen when it was over. Now, Ive learned not to let the little things affect me so much, because in reality they really wont affect your life that much.

Scene 5: The Glass Menagerie Essay

If i could make one wish, I would wish for good health and a long and exciting life. I hope that I can always be in good health, and have lots of family and friends to always be around. I hope to go to a really good college to swim and then have a fun yet successfull job and then retire in Table Rock, Missouri. If I live a happy exciting life then I will be in a good mood, which would hopefully spread to making others in a good mood. If I have bad health then it could keep me from doing some exciting things in my life that I want to try, or cut my life short. Without my family and friends, it would be impossible for me to live a happy life, because it wouldnt be the same without them!

The Lucky One- Nicholas Sparks

As i finished The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks I was overcome with sadness yet happiness at the same time. When I was first told that we had to pick a book, I was positive that i wanted to read a Nicholas Sparks book because i am always impressed by his writings. While Logan Thibault is serving his time in Iraq, he finds a picture in the sand of a girl, myseriously signed "E" on the back. He keeps the picture in his pocket and continues on in his duty he is shocked by a sudden streak of good luck. He wins poker games and even excapes deadly combat. His friend decides that the picture is his good luck charm.

Back at home in Colorado, he desides to make a journey to find the girl in the picture, with nothing but his trusty german shepard. He has no idea where he is going, what he will do if he finds her and ultimatley no clue why he is even going in the first place. On his destiny he encounters a cop named Clayton. Clayton, who isnt exactley the most trustworthy cop, was taking pictures of girls tanning when he ran into Thibault and dropped his camera. Clayton dosen't like Thibault from the start and tries to figure out why anyone would randomly be hitch hiking in the middle of no where. Little does Clayton know that Thibault is looking for his ex-wife, the girl in the picture, and his lucky charm. Beth (Elizabeth) who was once married to Clayton is a single mother of a boy named Ben. Thibault keeps the picture a secret from Beth, and the reason why he traveled all the way to North Carolina. As the two begin to fall in love, they uncover some secrets that threaten to tear apart their love and their lives.

Every chapter is from a different persons point of view, which makes it interesting and spices things up every once and awhile. Although the story starts kind of slow, as you continue on you will have a hard time putting it down until your finished, you just have to make it through some dreary war flashbacks every once and awhile which i didnt enjoy. But overall i enjoyed the book, characters and storyline!