Scene 6- The Glass Menagerie Essay

There isn't anything that has frightened me as much as when Laura was so frightened by Jim, but I have had some scary times in my life. One time I was at this really big swim meet about a month ago, and I was obsessed with getting this time standard so much and had worked all season for it, that it was all I focused on. In prelims I swam the event and only missed the cut by a second, and had a chance to swim it again in finals. Between the two sessions I motivated and mentally prepared myself to cut the second and get the time cut. Warmups went by and it was almost time to swim the race. I was so nervous right before the event, and it was all I could think about. After I swam, I realized that I went the exact same time in prelims as I did in finals, which ment that I had missed the cut. I felt like everything had happened so fast and like everything didnt just happen. I felt like I was going to pass out and ended up getting sick. I ended up dreading it so much and becoming so nervous, that I had psyched myself out. Everything happened so fast and I felt like it didnt even happen when it was over. Now, Ive learned not to let the little things affect me so much, because in reality they really wont affect your life that much.


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